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Solteir™ Provides Infrastructure for America's Growing Computational Needs  

By leveraging High Capacity Computation demand, Solteir provides a key solution to achieve optimal energy grid efficiency. Solteir has built responsive infrastructure to provide stable load support and demand for energy grids.

Our Solutions

High Capacity Computing Infrastructure
An infrastructure providing computation as a service serving industries such as Bitcoin Mining and Artificial Intelligence.

Energy Load Demand & Response
Using automated systems and proprietary software to support the needs of the energy grid.

Container & Managed Solutions
A modular deployment developed in house by Solteir, allowing us to deploy infrastructure at any scale, anywhere.

Space Stations
and Satellites
High Capacity Computing Infrastructure
Energy Load Demand & Response
Container & Managed Solutions

Our Story

In 2012, Andrew and Jesse started their mining journey in New York. They soon noticed an interesting opportunity - Bitcoin was trading much higher than its production cost. Recognizing the essential role of electricity in the profitability of mining, they sought to understand energy infrastructure and its role in the underlying model of Bitcoin's security.

Noticing the American deregulated energy markets' need for stable load support and demand, they found a location in Pennsylvania on the PJM grid for Bitcoin miners to operate around the clock by partnering with local electricity generators. This relationship grew to further improve the efficiency and stability of energy generation and consumption. Out of this collaborative spirit, Solteir was born. In an effort to offer a cost-effective and efficient model for energy grids, Solteir has found a solution for energy grids by flattening the disparity between generation capacity, demand and consumption.

With the rise of high-capacity computing, Solteir provides computation as a service to support energy infrastructure efficiency. What started with Bitcoin mining has evolved into a tool for energy infrastructure. By improving energy efficiency on both sides, Solteir continues to provide a positive impact on energy consumption.

Our Team

Andrew Insignares


Andrew is a software engineer who has worked from Wall Street in algorithmic platform development to software at Google. This exposure to finance and technology lead Andrew to realize the potential of Bitcoin.

Andrew has been mining bitcoin since 2012 from a single computer. After watching the mining network grow year over year, he saw the potential in growing a mining business. From a college dorm room project, to a shed in the backyard of a family’s home, to now a 5MW project in Pennsylvania with his partner Jesse.

Jesse Fastenberg


Serial Entrepreneur Jesse Fastenberg has been at the forefront of the digital currency transformation for the past several years. As a consultant for multiple Defi Projects including Portion.io, Jesse is an expert on Tokenomics and decentralization. Jesse's background was in Real estate and finance before going fulltime into Crypto in 2017.

An early adopter to Cryptocurrency, and has been doing research in the space since 2012. An early bull on Blockchain technology, Jesse is also the founder of Crypto Community Group LLC, which is a networking group that hosts events with hundreds of members from the New York Financial community, and beyond.

Stephen Space

Facility Manager

Steven Space is the Facility Manager for Solteir. With a keen mind for innovation and a background as a technologist in various capacities, Steve is highly knowledgeable about chip maintenance and has a familiarity with keeping large scale industrial operations at peak productivity.

David Schuler

President of Y2x

Shuler is Co-Founder and President of Solteir. Previous roles include, SVP and Chief of Staff for NYSE, and managing director of CME Group Inc. and Paxos/itBit. In those roles he had responsibilities for government relations, and he developed, negotiated, and executed complex international transactions in regulated environments. He was part of the team responsible for NYSE’s acquisition of Archipelago and subsequent merger with Euronext. He has also held leadership positions at Goldman Sachs in New York and Japan, and served for 14 years as a Foreign Service Officer in the U.S. State Department.

Dori Karjian


Dori V Karjian possesses a deep skill set in transactional, corporate and securities work, with an emphasis on structuring and compliance related issues facing private securities offerings. With more than 20 years legal experience, he joins the Leadership Team of Solteir, serving as General Counsel and a Member of the Executive Committee. Karjian represents entrepreneurs and innovators through all stages of business development in various industries, including financial services, media, entertainment, technology, and aviation. He also provides general counsel services to private companies and enterprises in the U.S. and internationally.

Manny Leon

Financial Controller

Emmanuel Leon, (Manny), serves as the Financial Controller for Solteir and Y2X. Manny is a seasoned accounting professional with more than a decade of experience in financial services and controls all aspects of Finance, Accounting, and Reporting. Prior to joining Solteir in 2019, he served as the Financial Controller for G2 Investment Group, Threat Pattern, Solgaard, Brava Investments, and Forbes Private Capital Group, where he was responsible for all accounting functions, forecasting and budgeting, finance operations, financial reporting, and analyzing financial data.

Evan Barnes

Town Supervisor

Evan Barnes is the town supervisor and manages the property leases and relationship with the local governemnt. Evan has been working with Solteir from the inital property search and continues to provide great resources to the business and operations.